Speed Retrieve

It’s All About Speed!  The newest form of   DockDogs® competition, which was introduced in 2008, has nothing to do with the dog’s ability to jump but rather its speed. Similar to Extreme Vertical®, in SPEED RETRIEVE each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to get into the water. However, instead of measuring distance or height, each dog is racing against the clock. Upon entering the water, each dog must swim to the end of a 40 foot pool and remove the DockDogs ®designated object from a modified Extender Arm in order to complete their timed run.  The dog that removes the object the fastest wins and walks home with the prize and more importantly the bragging rights.

Speed Retrieve – Divisions
Express  ≥ 8.0 Sec
Turbo 6.00 – 7.99
Sonic  ≤ 5.99 Sec