Extreme Vertical

EXTREME VERTICAL® was officially launched as the second form of DockDogs® competition after initially being developed as a training technique for Big Air®.   Just as Big Air® is equivalent to a “Long Jump” for dogs”, EXTREME VERTICAL® is the equivalent to a “High Jump” for dogs.  For the Preliminary Qualifying Competitions, a “Bumper” is hung from a specially designed Extender Arm and placed 8 feet from the edge of the dock. The Bumper is then placed at the chosen starting height for each team.  Rounds will continue with the bumper being raised in 2 inch increments per round until the dog that jumps the highest takes home the Prize!  Each team is allowed to use a maximum of 20 feet of the dock surface and is allotted 60 seconds to jump in the air while attempting to remove the “Bumper” from the Extender Arm. If the team misses on the first attempt, they will immediately return to the dock and will be given a second and final attempt to remove the bumper.

Extreme Vertical – Divisions
Cadet 4’6″-5’11”
Top Gun 6’0″-6’11”
High Flyer 7’0″ +